What is SEO ?

People often searching their needs on the different search engine. And they found the result for the same. But question is that is people got the right answer for their requirement. Is this result is 100% effective for the searcher? All this type of question has not 100% right answer.

Why People need SEO Experts?

Let me explain you in detail. There are basically 3 types of people in this whole process. First one is the Search Engine people who always trying to provide genuine information to their user, Second one website holder who trying to come on the first page so his or her page will visible to the user and Last one Customer, the general public who want to get result according to their need.

SEO is divided into three phases

If we are talking in point then following are the three categories of people:-

  1. Search Engine Community
  2. Website Holder
  3. User

So, here we are going to discuss about second type of people i.e.  Website Holder.  In this category all digital marketing people come either they website developer or digital marketer.  SEO comes under Digital Marketing.

Definition of SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Search Engine Optimization is a part of Digital Marketing in which people learn to optimize their website. This optimization can be done on the basis of client need.

For example if anyone need to optimize their site on Google in specific area then SEO only focus on these area. If anyone wants to generate traffic on their website by different mode then SEO will do same.

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